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Webinar Registration: The P2G Advantage

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Actionable Intelligence


Locus’s Management Portal and Dashboards give you a full, 360° view of every aspect of your operations. Using rich, interactive reports and maps, you’ll see hourly, daily, and monthly performance metrics, individual worker performance, inventory flow, slotting optimization, workflows, and more.

Global Executive Summaries

Get up-to-the-minute intelligence on how your warehouse operation is performing with historical comparisons and executive summaries – across multiple sites.

Decoupling Humans
and Robots

Freed from being stuck at a pick station, hauling a heavy cart, or trudging behind a slow “follow-bot,” each associate instead interacts with multiple cobots, dramatically improving productivity and order cycle times.

Higher Throughput

By design, a collaborative, multi-bot solution focuses on optimizing each autonomous mission for velocity, density, and throughput, helping you get orders out the door faster.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s talk about your operation and how Locus can help you achieve your goals, today and into the future.