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Flexible automation for high volume productivity, scalability, and operational efficiency


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Today’s leading 3PLs use the Locus AMR solution to efficiently maximize ecommerce fulfillment productivity and meet customer SLAs while keeping operations and labor costs low. Our flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution seamlessly integrates into your WMS system and can be deployed in your warehouse quickly without any infrastructure or workflow changes. Whether it’s an existing facility or a greenfield site, Locus is designed to meet your growing ecommerce volume now – and into the future.

Improve your 3PL order fulfillment


The sudden shift from in-store to online shopping has caused e-commerce order volume to explode at historic levels, accelerating omni-channel retail trends, such as buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), curbside-pickup, and home delivery. To meet these new challenges, retailers use Locus automation to cost-effectively keep up with huge demand, customer expectations, and limited labor availability.

Improve your Retail order fulfillment


Innovative healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries rely on Locus to help them deliver the right product, accurately and on time to hospitals, pharmacies, and medical offices. The Locus solution ensures high productivity and 100% accuracy for patient-critical order fulfillment. Locus easily scales to meet changes in demand while helping keep operational and labor costs down.

Improve your Healthcare order fulfillment


Cost-conscious manufacturing, parts distributors, and industrial operations choose Locus’s flexible automation solution to improve production and fulfillment for a wide range of products. Whether it’s parts distribution, sub-assembly kitting, or online order fulfillment , innovative industrial suppliers are using our AMRs to get the right products to the right customers on-time with near-perfect order accuracy. They’re able to move more orders more efficiently, while lowering operations and labor costs.

Improve your Industrial order fulfillment