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The versatile mobile app that connects you to your operations

LocusManager™ is the powerful and intuitive mobile app that gives you control of your operation’s automated fulfillment productivity, from the warehouse floor or across the country.

Easily manage your operations and workflow, instantly assigning LocusBots to maximize your volume and staffing needs. You get real-time, up-to-date performance insight and activity reporting from wherever you need to work, and at any time of the


You’ll be able to see where your LocusBots are operating, monitor throughput performance, charging status, and more, helping you to quickly anticipate and respond to changes in order volume and demand. LocusManager gives you the flexibility and control you need to get the most out of your fulfillment programs.

LocusManager is designed to work with with all popular mobile platforms.

Start transforming your productivity with Locus

Start transforming your productivity with Locus

Let’s talk about your challenges and we’ll show you how the Locus Solution can help you transform your operation.

Find out how how the world’s most successful 3PLs and retailers are using Locus to transform their productivity without transforming their warehouse.


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