Collaborative, autonomous robots that just work

LocusBots™ work collaboratively with your workers, helping them deliver higher throughput and improved accuracy. They move autonomously to where the workers are, minimizing worker walking and removing drudge work.

LocusBots automatically learn the most efficient travel routes through your warehouse, to dramatically improve worker efficiency and productivity 2x to 3x over traditional cart picking. Our zone-based system allows for hands-free picking, while virtually eliminating errors.

LocusBot’s flexible design allows it to be configured to meet a wide range of tote and multi-bin picking needs, matching virtually any fulfillment requirement. Its lightweight design allows them to safely operate closely alongside workers and even in mezzanine configurations.

Worker training is as simple as pick, touch, and go using LocusBot’s user-friendly, easy to read, touch pad-based user interface. It automatically detects a wide range of workers’ languages to speed workflow and minimize errors, changing instantly as it interacts with each worker. The on-board, integrated scanner confirms the correct item and ensures near 100% accuracy for both pick and put operations.

LocusBot Specifications

Recharge< 60 Minutes
Charging110 or 220V
Weight100 lbs (45kg) (unloaded)
Operation14 hours per charge
Travel Speed1.1 meters/s

LocusServer™ – Easy WMS connectivity and scalability

LocusServer’s turnkey, lightweight software is designed to easily connect with any warehouse management or warehouse control system. There’s no complex coding, setup, or maintenance required.

The LocusServer integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and workflow without disrupting or idling your operation. It’s highly scalable, making it easy to staff for peak periods and respond to sudden volume increases simply by adding more LocusBots.

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