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October 30, 2023

Tricks to Treat Your Warehouse Automation Fears

Author Icon Mary Hart, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Happy Halloween! I asked ChatGPT to take my blog post and put a Halloween spin on it, and then I edited it.

Every warehouse has a boogeyman and for many managers, it’s automation. They picture giant scary robots gobbling up jobs, crushing workers, and wreaking all kinds of havoc. But most automation fears are as light as a feather, not stiff as a board. Allow me to bust the top 9 warehouse automation fears with some cold, hard facts.

Robots Steal Jobs Like Blackbeard Steals Treasure

The number one fear about automation is lost jobs. But robots want to be your helpers, not the villains of a scary story! They handle dull, dirty, tedious work so employees can focus on more fulfilling tasks. At Locus Robotics, our autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) work alongside your staff, not replace them. Think of them as partners, not pirates.

Costs are Scarier than Chucky

Upfront costs have the potential to be creepy. But Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) subscription models like ours make pricing painless with flexible OpEx budgets instead of scary CapEx. Short ROI timeframes also means profits start flowing faster than your Halloween candy stash being poured onto the floor after a night of trick or treating.

Integration Makes You Jump in Fear

Bringing in new tech when you already have tricked out systems seems daunting. But with relationships with the big warehouse management system (WMS) providers and experienced integration experts, it’s smoother than grease paint on a clown’s face. You’ll be up and running in no time and won’t be running away from that scary clown that burst out of the racking.

New Tech Goes Bump in the Night

We know change can seem risky, like opening Pandora’s box. But with training and clear communication about benefits, workers will get onboard faster than a vampire fleeing garlic. When your team sees how robots make their jobs safer, easier, and more productive, spirits will rise.

Safety Records Make Your Skin Crawl

We get it — the thought of giant machinery zooming around your warehouse (and your workers) gives you goosebumps. But with sophisticated sensors like our robots’ LiDAR and vision systems, our intelligent programming, training, and safety protocols, we keep the odds microscopic. 

Accuracy Rates that Would Awaken Frankenstein’s Monster

No tech is perfect, but robots perform consistently without getting tired or distracted. At many Locus customer facilities, accuracy has hit spine-tingling rates of 99.9% or more. Talk about precision that’s drop dead good!

Rising Support Costs that Freddy Would Want to Slash

The power plant janitor might live for nightmares on Elm Street as Freddy Krueger, but robotics vendors provide sweet dreams with top-notch assistance. We offer responsive, round-the-clock support to keep your operations humming along flawlessly. Consider us your automation allies!

Getting Workers on Board is Scary

We get it, change is a thriller, and one without the dulcet voice of Vincent Price. But clear communication about upside for employees smooths anxieties. And once they try collaboration with robots, they quickly love it more than baseball and apple pie. Happy associates mean happy operations!

Wobbly Robots Give You Nightmares

It’s true, early robots moved like drunken monsters. But today’s bots are engineered for precision and grace. Locus robots glide smoothly alongside workers to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Bottom line, most automation fears are as transparent as ghosts. With facts and preparation, robotics can give your warehouse a competitive edge sharper than Dracula’s fangs.

Let us banish your automation trepidation so you can move forward without fear! Boo-yah!