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November 13, 2021

Our Approach to Data Privacy and Protection

Author Icon Fouad Khalil, Senior Director, Enterprise Security, Risk and Compliance

By Fouad Khalil, Senior Director of Compliance

With the pandemic, warehouses struggled to hire more associates or had to reduce staffing due to social distancing requirements. Simultaneously, people increased their online ordering, resulting in the need to fulfill more orders with reduced staff. The disconnect between the number of associates and the number of orders led many companies to adopt collaborative robotic solutions, like our LocusBots.

In the midst of the upheaval, however, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to data privacy. We understand how important data is to our customers, and we remain committed to protecting customer data privacy, and we understand the importance of data protection transparency. 

Transparency builds trust

Our customers trust us to deliver robots that enable their businesses and to protect their data. Customers believe in our technology from hands-on experience, but data protection is more difficult to see and feel. Our transparency around our data privacy and protection processes builds the same trust that customers have from our robots. 

Protecting data privacy 

At Locus Robotics, one of our core values is that robots empower people instead of taking away from them. Robots and employees work best when they work collaboratively. Yes, that collaboration can include sharing data, but it also includes protection of the data privacy right from the start.

Assessing risk

Data privacy starts by identifying what sensitive information we collect, process,and store. Then, we identify all the locations—on-premises or in the cloud—that touch or contain that information. 

As part of this process, our team:

  • Created an up-to-data data inventory
  • Classified all data—personal and not
  • Reviewed systems that interface or process data on our behalf

Mitigating risk

To ensure that we provide the most robust data protection possible, we continually review and update our policies, procedures, and controls.

As part of this process, our team can assure our customers that we have:

  • Executed data processing addendums to meet all regulatory compliance mandates
  • Enhanced our security and privacy training and awareness program 
  • Ensured that all employees have access to and know where to find information they need to follow on best data protection practices

Ensuring consent

Every person should be able to exercise control over how they share their personal information, how that information is used, and how to get that information back. 

Locus Robotics is committed to protecting these data privacy rights by:

  • Requiring consent before sharing any personal data with our marketing and sales departments
  • Requiring consent before we do any outreach 

Enforcing the right to be forgotten

Data subjects should always be able to assert their right to be forgotten, and we adhere to that right. 

To ensure that data subjects continue agency over data, Locus Robotics:

  • Implemented procedures so people can assert their right to be forgotten
  • Internally socialized the right to be forgotten procedures 
  • Assigned responsibility to the compliance officer to accommodate a data subject Access Request, including providing conclusion and closure processes

The Locus Robotics promise

At Locus Robotics, we engage in continuous due diligence to mitigate risk. We take a proactive and three-layered approach to data security:

We take a layered approach to protecting data privacy so that no single point of failure exists:

  • Layer 1: Robust employee awareness, education, and training
  • Layer 2: Ensuring that we continuously monitor for risks across our entire IT environment, including on-premises, off-premises off-shore, and in the cloud
  • Layer 3: Taking a continuous assurance approach that builds security and privacy compliance into day-to-day business activities

We’ve built a complete, end-to-end system designed for your e-commerce fulfillment needs, one that includes data privacy and protection right from the start.

About the Author

As Senior Director, Compliance at Locus Robotics, Fouad is responsible for internal and external compliance programs, auditor education, alignment with industry best practices and cross-functional support. He brings extensive experience in the technology space with more than 25 years spanning disciplines in software development, IT support, program and project management and most recently IT Security and Compliance management. Khalil’s career path in technology has provided him with keen insights in the areas of network, system and database administration, software programming, system, software and GUI design, project and product development, solution implementation and much more. For nearly the past two decades, Khalil has focused on data security, security investigations, cybersecurity, security training and awareness, and security compliance– serving as an industry expert in key areas such as IT, NIST, Internal Controls over financial reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA and HITECH. Khalil holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Marquette University and CISA, CDPSE and ITIL Foundations certifications. Additionally, he is an active member/contributor in ISACA, IIA and Infragard.

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