Committed to global sustainability

Refurbish. Repurpose. Recycle


We actively drive sustainability across all aspects of our business – from manufacturing to deployment, support, and maintenance, around the world.


We comply with globally-recognized social and environmental standards and work to ensure that our suppliers and partners are aware of, and support, our sustainability objectives


We create and deliver high-quality, innovative warehouse automation that remains highly efficient throughout its service life, using a sustainable energy and resource supply.

Three Rs of Sustainability


We continually work to identify and implement best-practice strategies and tactics designed to reduce overall waste across all areas of our organization.


We work closely with our customers to reflect similar and complementary sustainability goals and objectives, ensuring a seamless and consistent approach at all times.


We actively maintain a diverse, participation-based, corporate culture that integrates supportive environmental, social, and governance criteria reflecting our customers, partners, shareholders, and employees and the communities in which we operate.

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