Leadership Team

Meet the team of amazing people who've engineered a totally new approach to optimizing warehouse fulfillment productivity.

Rick Faulk

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Johnson

President & Chief Operating Officer

Dustin Pederson

Chief Financial Officer

Karen Leavitt

Chief Marketing Officer

Al Dekin

Chief Revenue Officer

Jasmine Lombardi

Chief Customer Officer

Larry Griffin

Chief Contracting Officer

Sean Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

Tracy Simek

Chief People Officer

Denis Niezgoda

Vice President, EMEA & APAC

Hamid Montazeri

Sr. Vice President, Software & A.I.

Mike Sussman

Sr. Vice President of Hardware Engineering

Peter Ashe

Vice President, Operations

Jason Walker

Vice President, Market Development

Steve Branch

Vice President, Sales Engineering

Patrick Hussey

Vice President, Integration Engineering

Lou Jaquez

Sr. Director, Business Applications

Kary Zate

Sr. Director, Marketing Communications

Fouad Khalil

Sr. Director, Compliance

Sara Medsger

Sr. Director, Learning & Development