Retail Supply Chain Virtual

August 20-21 2020

E-Commerce – The Future Of Retail

Join us at the Retail Supply Chain Virtual conference, August 20-21 2020, for this year’s most important retail logistics topics regarding the new normal for e-commerce supply chains. Retail Supply Chain USA unites CEOs, innovators, disruptors and makers from across retail and consumer brands to seize upon this critical moment in retail.

Panel Discussion – Proactively Combat the Pains of Returns
  • Managing the expectations of a return: As customers have grown to expect returns to be hassle and cost free, discuss ways to adapt this mindset (such as environmental implications) and help your supply chain from baring the burden.
  • Combat the causes at source: Explore how to effectively implement machine learning processes to monitor your consumers’ purchasing and returns habits of specific products to minimize the potential for a return and refine inventory selections.
  • Innovative in your reverse logistics: Investigate new, innovative models of reverse logistics such as parcel grouping and “return in store” to re-structure your obligation in the process and manage costs.

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  • Key insights from extracts of the speaker’s presentations and panel discussions
  • A breakdown of the core focuses for supply chain operations needed to improve visibility across operations including:
    • digital capabilities
    • collaboration
    • data management

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