NRF Supply Chain 360


June 20 – 21, 2022

Building a stronger, more sustainable supply chain.

As supply chain disruptions continue to mount and customer behavior evolves, ensuring a resilient supply chain has never been more important – or more challenging.

The NRF Supply Chain 360 conference and expo brings together retail supply chain and sustainability professionals, industry experts and leading technology innovators to share ideas, discover cutting-edge tech and advance the future of the supply chain.

Locus Robotics will be live in Cleveland (booth #310) demonstrating to attendees how the Locus Solution is helping retailers keep pace with historic demand, labor shortages and supply chain constraints. Locus Robotics Account Director Jeff Rutkowski will be providing an in-depth look at how the ongoing scarcity of warehouse workers has brought robotic potential to the fore. He’ll also dig deep into how brands are:

  • Assessing the value & challenges of leveraging warehouse robotics in their operations.
  • Analyzing labor productivity KPIs e.g., manual fulfillment orders per hour, to get a holistic picture & decide whether robotics are required & would enhance your fulfillment capabilities
  • Considering software, hardware & people to ensure that your warehouse robotics are interoperable with your current structures
  • Utilizing productivity data from workers to understand capacity limits & when to scale up or scale down effectively
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