Home Delivery World


August 31 – September 01, 2022

The USA's most important retail logistics event

Home Delivery World is the industry-defining conference and exhibition for last mile logistics. The show is dedicated to uncovering innovative solutions for retailers, grocers, CPGs, and 3PLs facing challenges across the supply chain from warehousing to fulfillment and the last mile.

Visit us at booth #210 for an in-person demonstration of how our new fleet of AMRs are driving increased productivity and efficiency for retailers all around the world. We hope to see you there!

Speaking Sessions

August 31st, 3 pm  Track Session – 40 minute panel, Intralogistics track

Title: The secret sauce: getting the right mix of people and tools in the warehouse of the future
The use of robotics and automated solutions in the warehouse is set to escalate significantly, with predictions of double-digit growth across the sector as supply chain leaders look to digital technology to resolve fulfillment challenges.

How can a warehouse operator make better sense of the robotics market noise and filter out the chaos to evaluate solutions that meet their needs? In this session attendees will come to understand the most critical differentiators among AMR offerings, and how to choose the right robotics solution for their operation.

September 1st, from 10:40 am – 11:00 am:Seminar Presentation, Digital Supply Chain

Title: Using warehouse robotics BI to optimize productivity
Business intelligence is transforming all sectors of the economy, including the fulfillment warehouse. As robotic automation becomes an integral part of these operations, effective use of the data these solutions generate, gives critical visibility into what’s going on inside the warehouse, and a valuable and actionable resource for planning, operations, labor management and more.

In this discussion, you’ll explore the various types of key business information that automation solutions can provide to your operation. From live, real-time dashboards on the warehouse floor to rich, executive reporting tools, you’ll learn how data-driven decision making can help all levels of your organization to build the operational resilience needed to effectively manage disruptions and excel in the future.

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