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Makers of industrial robots and AI for robotics are featured on the CRN list of notable startups in the sector.

While robotics has already been a fast-growing area for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has created “a unique opportunity to bring automation to the front line of many businesses and homes,” said Stacey Soohoo, research manager for IDC’s Customer Insights and Analysis group, in a recent study. “With many organizations turning to next-generation technologies to increase efficiencies while limiting human-to-human contact, we have witnessed the value of autonomous robots and drones in fighting this disease.”

For CRN’s look at up-and-coming robotics companies, we’ve rounded up a list of startups with innovations in areas including industrial robotics (such as for warehouses and manufacturing), robots for retail environments, delivery robots and drones. We’ve also included two developers of next-gen artificial intelligence for robotics.

What follows are CRN’s picks for the 10 coolest robotics startups of 2020 so far.

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