Optimized Fulfillment

Using scalable robotic automation solutions to increase order productivity

robotic automation

Retailers have been using technology to reshape the structure of their entire business model including sales, customer service, warehousing, distribution, store operations, and staffing. Prior to the pandemic, these changes were on a 5- to 10-year plan with phases easing the businesses into a digital future. Now these plans have been consolidated into urgent 6-months to 1-year plans.

Use this eBook as a resource to understand the factors that lead to successfully increasing order fulfillment rates through the use of robotic automation solutions. Key areas that will help you in your evaluation:

  • The difference and benefits of a robotic automation solution that can be installed in either a Brownfield or Greenfield development
  • Hard numbers that prove collaborative robots are increasing worker satisfaction as well as worker productivity
  • User interface and gamification features that get new hires up and running on day 1, hour 1
  • Incremental advantages that speed up ROI, especially related to the shape and design of the robot
  • Multi-bot solution: what is it, how does it increase productivity, and why is it preferred over follow-me robots

robotic automation

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