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Locus gets lots of love letters!

We get lots of love letters!

E-commerce warehouses can be crazy busy – especially at holidays and special events. Adding helpful productivity tools and solutions can make it easier for workers to like their work. But how often do you hear workers tell you that they actually LOVE them? Actually, we hear it quite often!   Locus Robotics autonomous robots break… Read more »

RILA - Retail Industry Leaders Association

Great to see you RILA Link2020

We hope we got a chance to chat with you at RILA in Dallas and show you how the Locus Solution improves retail omnichannel, store replenishment, online fulfillment, and more and helps you to delight your customers. Lets Talk! If we missed each other, there’s still time to set up a live, in-person demo and… Read more »

Home Delivery World - Europe

Join us at Home Delivery Europe 2020!

Join us at Home Delivery Europe 2020 in Amsterdam on March 19-20 for Europe’s most important retail logistics conference and exhibition. We’ll be at Stand C32 and will be hosting live picking demos that show you how easy it is to use the Locus Solution. Lets Talk! Get a live, in-person demo while you’re at… Read more »

Join Us at CSCMP Edge 2019!

We’re headed to CSCMP Edge 2019, September 15-18 in Anaheim, California and we want to talk to YOU! Visit us at Booth 411 for a live demo and see for yourself how the world’s top eCommerce companies are using Locus Robotics

Locus Robotics is named leader in autonomous mobile robot vendors according to latest IDC MarketScape report

IDC MarketScape report names Locus Robotics as leader in AMRs

IDC named Locus robotics an industry leader in autonomous mobile robots for order fulfillment based on our unique, multi-bot approach, fast deployment capability, seamless scalability, and ease of integration with all types of WMS systems, including formal partnerships with three major supply chain management application providers: HighJump,  JDA, and Manhattan. The report, titled “IDC MarketScape: Worldwide… Read more »

Are Warehouse Operators the Labor Magicians of the New Age?

Warehouse operators are struggling with finding enough workers in time to meet the upcoming peak season volume, just like last year. What are the smart ones doing to change the game to find – and keep – these workers while meeting their customer volume and keeping labor costs down? Many are adding autonomous mobile robots to their warehouses, and getting amazing results.Find out how they’re doing it in our latest blog post.

Is Warehouse Robotics at the Inflection Point?

Locus CEO, Rick Faulk examines the Eight Factors that have created a Strategic Inflection Point (SIP) for the logistics industry where a company’s ability to respond will determine the winners and those who will be a historical footnote.

Webinar: Think Outside the Cart: How AMRs Optimize Warehouse Fulfillment

This informative webcast brings Mike Levans, Group Editorial Director of Peerless Media and Locus Robotics’ CEO Rick Faulk together to talk about the shortcomings of traditional cart-based picking and how a multi-bot approach significantly increases productivity, scales to meet changing demand, and streamlines the fulfillment process to help operators to “think outside of the cart”.

Multichannel Merchant

Congratulations to our great partners DHL, GEODIS, Port Logistics, and Radial, for being recognized by Multichannel Merchant as the top third-party logistics (3PL) providers of the year in ecommerce and direct-to-customer operations. We are proud to partner with these industry-leading 3PL providers, helping them to meet the critical needs of global merchants and their customers… Read more »

Material Handling Systems Don’t Change and Improve Over Time – Until Now!

LocusEmpower, a robotic, task-based execution system, has the fantastic ability to extend and improve its capabilities with no operator intervention. It goes without saying that at Locus Robotics, we love technology. Especially robots. You need not look any further than our in-house robot museum and the many spaces filled with robots, images of robots, along… Read more »

8 Keys to Deploying a Robotics Solution in your Fulfillment Center

At first glance, you may think implementing an automation solution for your e-commerce fulfillment center is a daunting task, fraught with risks. Will I put my SLAs at risk? Will I get the increases in the key metrics and ROI as promised? Will it really work in my facility? While these are certainly all valid… Read more »

The Moving Sofa Problem: Why Size Does Matter

At Locus, we’re hyper-focused on delivering innovative and technologically advanced warehouse robots that optimize worker productivity and maximize customer ROI. One of the questions we get a lot is about why we built a circular robot vs. a rectangular robot. In a perfect world, a warehouse robot should be able to carry a heavy, large… Read more »

Meeting Peak Period Labor Challenges Using Collaborative Robots

The explosive growth of e-commerce, frequent seasonal promotions, and meeting service-level agreements are creating more peak periods than ever in the DC. These peak periods bring unique challenges to your fulfillment center, and no other time of the year is more challenging for e-tailers and 3PL’s than the period between Thanksgiving & Christmas. We’ve all… Read more »